Monday, August 04, 2008

Dad's Army - 40 years young this week

Still as popular as it soon became in 1968, everybody's favourite sit-com, 'Dad's Army' is 40 years old this week and still going strong, even though most of the senior citizens of its wonderful cast have passed away to that Home Guard platoon in the sky.
Its popularity has hardly lessened with avid fans eagerly watching repeated episodes on the box or buying up the DVDs and videos of the show.
Showing what the British people were made of back in the dark years of the 2nd World War is what 'Dad's Army' did best. At Warmington-on-sea, on the south coast of England, the threat from Hitler would have been at its greatest to those left on our mainland.
Younger, fitter men were elsewhere - fighting in Europe, leaving older and younger men and women to defend our treasure - Britain. These men and women did it all with a smile on their lips - the appeal of Dad's Army is made more so because it rings true, and because, of course, it is hilarious.
Robert L. Fielding