Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What shall we treasure of hers?

Remembering someone no longer with us, gone to a distant shore to be with those closest to her, what can we treasure as being something that was particular to her, as a child saves a seashell and takes it home, the better to be reminded of that shore and those sunny days, holding it up to her ear to hear the mysterious roar of the ocean from somewhere within.

What shall we treasure of her that we can hold up and remind ourselves of those sunny days when she was in our midst? For we have no shell, no recording of her to brighten our day when it darkens.

But do we not have that memory of her smiling face, gained merely by closing our eyes and recalling. She is not here, but whenever I want to see her warmth, I close my eyes and there she is, like a sea shell in a child’s hand, bringing back in an instant those days lit up by Lori’s presence.
Robert Fielding