Friday, October 27, 2006

Traffic honking causes some discomfort to patients in hospital

Traffic and Transport
Published: 10/22/2006 12:00 AM (UAE)
Motorists' incessant honking 'disturbs the peace in Al Ain'
By Aftab Kazmi, Bureau Chief
Al Ain: Residents have said inconsiderate motorists are disturbing the peace by blowing their horns excessively.
The nuisance, they say, has been growing with the increasing traffic.
Robert L. Fielding, an expatriate resident, in a complaint to Gulf News said: "The roar of traffic is actually not intense at any time, the sounding of car horns is. The culprits are the taxi drivers, forever trying to alert would-be customers to their presence," he said.
He said the authorities should enforce a strict ban on the use of horns in the vicinity of hospitals.
"Surely the Traffic Police could issue directives, put up signs and otherwise inform drivers in the area that the use of horns, particularly after sunset, is forbidden. The authorities should step in to ensure people behave responsibly and with due consideration to others."
Mohammad Khan, a taxi driver, said he and some of his colleagues occasionally used horns to attract people looking for a taxi, but not in silent zones.
Khan said taxi drivers were careful because they did not want to lose money to traffic fines.
Abdullah Ali Al Ka'abi, a UAE national businessman, said it was an internationally accepted practice not to blow horns in the vicinity of hospitals, schools, mosques, and residential areas.
"I think some people are violating this," he said.
Anjum Ara, an Indian housewife, said hospitals were purpose-built and hence the sound from the streets was not heard as much there as in some private clinics, which are not soundproofed.
"The heavy traffic flow on streets does create noise. This coupled with the excessive use of horns can certainly trouble people, especially the sick and elderly."
A Traffic Police official said there were road signs which indicte silent zones and motorists must abide by them.
He said his department would look into complaints and take strict action against people blowing horns in silent zones.
"We are tough on violators of traffic rules," he said.