Friday, March 24, 2006

FILLER What is ~? #2.

What is organic?
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‘Organic’ is used a lot these days – we see the words ‘organic food’, ‘organic farming methods’ all the time, but what does ‘organic’ mean?

The word means ‘living’ – applied to foodstuffs - it means ‘grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides’ – with nothing added and nothing taken away – without being modified genetically or otherwise – organic food is wholesome, healthy food.

‘Organic’ stands for:-

Ø In harmony with nature
Ø Bio-diversity
Ø GM-free
Ø Trusting our food
Ø Optimum health
Ø Value for money
Ø Authentic taste
Ø Protecting future generations
Ø Supporting small farms

Robert L. Fielding


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